We are a ministry founded on Biblical principles. We exist to advance the impact of the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ through a spirit of evangelism, prayer, and outreach. Introducing people to Jesus Christ as we carry out the message of reconciliation and hope locally and globally.


To cultivate a robust “culture of evangelism” that is welcoming, people centered, community-focused and radically inclusive. A ministry that seeks to see people saved, set free, empowered, healed, and made whole through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  

What are we about?

Sharing the urgency of the gospel with the lost, while modelling a life of faithfulness, commitment and passion for lost souls, as we patiently pray and patiently wait on the Lord.  

What are our core values?

Our core values are founded on and built upon prayer and fasting, with a focus on love, compassion, patience, understanding, caring, service, teamwork, community spirit, integrity, prayer and teaching God’s Word.