C Children learning about God’s love, about prayer, worship and God’s commands
H Helping each other to grow by loving, supporting and challenging each other
O Overcoming fears by reading and understanding God’s plans and promises
S Setting good examples for each other and for their peers
E Engaging and encouraging each other to develop lasting relationships
N Never doubting God’s love, promises and purpose for their lives


Each child will develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as they grow and live according to the truth of God’s word.  


Building beyond our generation, we are determined that God’s will is accomplished in the lives of all children we interact with.

Chosen Generation programing involves:

  1. Prayer and worship time
  2. Creative, engaged, demonstrative teaching and learning
  3. Fun activities

Core values: 

  • Creative Biblical teaching of God’s word according to the children’s level 
  •  Loving, kind, careful and nurturing
  • Hope for the future
  • Relationship building 
  • Mentorship
  • Celebrating Jesus and having fun together 
  • Investing in children
  • Safety and inclusivity 
  • Become the influence of tomorrow 
  • Leveraging technology for effective ministry